Indonesia's PLN awards 20-year coal contracts

Indonesia's state-owned electricity utility, Perusahaan Listrik Negara, has announced four joint ventures and one company have won coal supply contracts for power plants for the next 20 years: PT Bina Insan Sukses Mandiri and PT Tiramana, PT Energi Batubara Lestari and PT Batara Batari Sinergy Nusantara, PT Selatan Selabara and PT Fajar Visikalam, CV. Karya Utama Banua and PT Daya Bambu Sejahtera, and PT Anzawara Satria.

The companies will supply a total of 2.7 Mt/y of coal to 10 power plants in Sumatra and Kalimantan worth about Rp 1.1 trillion/y at average price of Rp 400,000/t.

The contracts require the companies to supply to a minimum of three power plants and a maximum of six to minimize risks of supply disruption.

Nagan Coal Power Plant in Aceh will receive 280,000 t/y, Pangkalan Susu in North Sumatra 480,000 t/y, Teluk Sirih in West Sumatra 460,000 t/y; Bangka Baru in Bangka Belitung Island Province 315,000 t/y; Balitung 180,000 t/y; Bengkalis in Riau Province 140,000 t/y; Selat Panjang in Meranti Islands, Riau province 130,000 t/y; Tanjung Balai Karimun in Riau 130,000 t/y, Tarahan Baru in Lampung province 280,000 t/y; and Asam-Asam Power Plant in South Kalimantan 540,000 t/y.