Modern mining ok for environment

Rebutting criticism by environmentalists, Australian government officials said mining could pose minimum risk to environment as long as it is conducted legally with modern equipment and in-depth study.

"I agree with accusation by non governmental organizations about environmental damage caused by mining but it refers to small, illegal and traditional mining, not modern and legal," Australia's Senior Trade Commissioner for Indonesia Rod Morehouse told Xinhua newsagency.

He said that good mining companies think about long term work, not just short benefit.

Paul Martins, ASEAN Mining Team Leader and Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner at the Australian Trade Commission, said that modern mining companies completed with high technology play an important role for sustainable mining.

"They have an integrated approach that is important to minimize damage. They also have innovations such as in mining software that reduces cost and increase safety," he said.

Martins said that approximately 60% of the world's mines use mining software that was developed in Australia.