Timah to Apply 'Block System' in tin mining

Indonesia's state-owned tin miner, PT Timah Tbk is to apply the "block system" in its tin mining area in Bangka Belitung province this year to increase efficiency in mining and protect the environment. "The block system will be applied on on-shore mines by creating a canal around our 20-50 hectare mining area for greater efficiency in our mining operations and protect the environment. The block system would also make it easier to determine the volume of production and delineate PT Timah’s mining areas and prevent theft, a company director, Wahid Usman, told Antara newsagency.

Encircled by a canal as part of the block system, the mining areas will also be easier to watch over because supervisors can then focus on certain points in the field. "The block system will also allow us to dispose of mining waste and facilitate reclamation or restoration of land damaged by mining activity," he said.

Usman added that PT Timah is determined to become a world-class mining company and a leader in the global tin market. "Right now, the tin price is determined by traders. We produce the tin but others determine the price and this is clearly not to our benefit. This condition can not be avoided because it is part of the market mechanism. To increase tin production which has declined lately, we will maximize production of such goods as soldering tin or ‘chemical tin’," he said.