Indonesian mining leaders hit by terrorist bomb

Terrorist bomb attacks on two Jakarta luxury hotels, the Ritz Carlton and Mariott, last Friday caused death and injuries to a number of officials and executives associated with the Indonesian mining industry who'd been attending breakfast meetings. Amongst the eight confirmed victims were Craig Senger, an Australian Trade Commissioner responsible for the mining sector throughout South East Asia, Garth McEvoy, Financial Manager of Thiess Indonesia, Tim Mackay, President Director of Holcim Indonesia and Nathan Verity of Verity Recruitment.
Amongst more than 50 people severely injured were David Potter, President Exploration, Freeport Indonesia, Adrianto Machribie, Commissioner and former President Director of Freeport Indonesia, Noke Koyoran, former CEO of Rio Tinto and Newmont in Indonesia, Edward Thiessen, Country Manager of Alstom Power Indonesia, Andy Cobham, Country Manager, Hill & Associates, Scott Merrilees, head of ANZ Bank's natural resources group for South-East Asia and Jim Castle and Max Boon of Castle Asia.

With no group claiming responsibility for the outrage, police are yet to announce their own conclusions or endorse suggestions that the mining and energy group was particularly tar-geted in the Marriott. Perhaps also coincidentally, the Indonesian football All Stars team was staying in that hotel and Manchester United FC was due at the Ritz just 24hours later.

From bomb materials found so far, suspicions are focused primarily on Malaysian Islamist Noordin Mohammed Top, who has played a role in terrorist attacks in Indonesia from the first Bali bombings in 2002.

"This particular bombing has struck a bit harder than the other ones, because things had seemed to be going so well in Indonesia in the last few years," said Geoffrey Gold, AJM Editor, who noted that Indonesia had strengthened its democratic system, continued to decentral-ize authority, beefed up anti-corruption and had continued economic recovery while suppressing terrorist activities for the past four years.

Condolence messages

Gold said Craig Senger had lead the Australian Trade Commission's ExplORE Philippines mining mission and OZMINE Indonesia promotions earlier this year which had seen record numbers of participants. Craig had been currently building support for the Mining Indonesia exhibition and conference slated for Oct 14-17.

"Craig was a pleasure to work with and was generous with his time for all stakeholders, such as the Australian states and territories, as well as for praising their contributions to the suc¬cess of the programs. He will be missed,” Gold said. “Our condolences to the families, friends and colleagues of all victims of the tragedy."

Record Mining Indonesia in 2009

Industry leaders do not expect the bombing to impact on the record bookings for Mining Indonesia 2009 They told AJM that the country’s new mining law, the soon to be announced im-plementing regulations and the huge demand for coal from China and India is stoking commercial interest in Indonesia at levels not seen since before the Asian financial crisis of 1997-98 that toppled the Soeharto regime.

Mining Indonesia 2009 will bring together a record 600+ companies from 34 countries cover-ing an area of 16,000sqm, with National Pavilions from Australia, Canada, Germany, Poland, and the UK. Leading exhibitors include Atlas Copco, Chetra, Daimler Chrysler, Getribebau Nord, Liebherr, MTU, Kobexindo Tractors, Hexindo, JCB, Supra Bakti, Kopex, Renault Trucks, United Tractors, JSG Industrial, Voith and Terex

A high-level conference organized by the Indonesian Mining Association and supported by the Department of Energy and Mineral Resources and the Indonesian Coal Mining Association is themed “Unlocking Mineral Potential”.